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Brick Blanket

After posting your answers, then read the others and see how you compare and which ones others agreed upon. Brick: smash a bug yard decoration paper weight throw threw a window throw at someone husband jk. Blanket: cover up when cold wrap a present sit on for a picnic wear it as a poncho smother someone husband jk.

Blanket: Sleeping blanket Cover up when cold TOwel Shelter you can tie it to something ot make a tent Clothes like a wrap Bed you would lay it out and sleep on it Cape superhero cape curtain drape. Brick: buila a wall make stairs build a house use as a weight to hold an item down flower bed border bridge fire place fire pit Blanket: to cover items up wrap up in to keep warm make a dog bed put on beds sit on at the beach use to make a tent with it as a kid.

Business signs. This is so funny because I am reading this book right now. It is really interesting.

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I also just read a book where they did this same test with a fly swatter. That produces some interesting answers as well. Brick: Chisle it into a statue. Grind it to powder, and make paste, or colored dust to draw with.

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Drill holes into it and make a toothbrush holder. Blanket: Hmm… Well I knew I had become like my mom when I started keeping blankets on my couch to keep it from getting dirty. LOL Lory you might want this one after hitting your hubby with brick, and smother him with the blanket. You could also use the brick to make a road…like they did way back when.


I did not see that posted yet. Brick: Improve posture by balancing on head, building, self-defense, grilling meat, heat it up and use it as a bed warmer, use as furniture legs, you can paint it, use it as a hammer, put a hole in a wall or window, put a hot brick in water to warm it.

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Blanket: Keep warm, carry things, window or wall covering, cat bed, pillow, clothing, dry off, ground cover, wrap furniture in it when moving, comfort a child. Put the brick in the middle of the blanket, tie a knot, and make an anchor for a bunch of baloons. Sieves and Strainers. Spray Booths Air Brush Equipment Studio Storage Measuring Equipment Safety Gear.

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Decals and Transfer Paper. Hand Salves and Creams.

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Concrete Treat Protects your concrete from water damage and moisture and helps avoid spalling. Brick Treat Seals brick pores to protect against moisture problems including cracks, mold, algae, lichen, and more. Stucco Treat Protects stucco from water damage, discoloring, mold growth, rust or corrosion, cracking and rotting.

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Efflorisn't Clean efflorescence off concrete and brick surfaces.