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These are fruits and vegetables with small quirks in appearance that consumers rarely notice and do not impact the flavor or nutrition of the produce.

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By sourcing the produce straight from farmers, who would have otherwise disposed of it or sold it at a loss, Imperfect owns the full supply chain, delivering these products directly to consumers for up to 30 percent less than conventional grocery stores. As part of Imperfect's commitment to its people and local economies, the company's expansion is expected to create up to hundreds of new full-time jobs in the Baltimore area, which includes hourly pay at the 75 th percentile, benefits for full-time employees, and stock options for all Imperfect team members.

In addition to expansion in the Baltimore area, which includes the surrounding Washington D.

Outside of market expansion, Imperfect is looking to grow its product portfolio with other grocery items headed for the waste system, including short-coded items, products made with imperfect produce such as baked goods, pickles, jams, and fruit leather , and products with packaging and labeling errors. The company enables customers to select the box size, type, and frequency of deliveries packed full of fruits and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Customers can also choose exactly which items they receive each week.


Produce comes directly from farms and is offered as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional grocery stores. These fruits and vegetables are just as delicious and nutritious as their perfect counterparts in the grocery store.

About Imperfect Imperfect is the leading consumer brand and home delivery service for ugly produce. Founded in , Imperfect has recovered more than 35 million pounds of produce that would have otherwise been discarded.

Imperfect Foods | Grocery Delivery for Organic Food, Fresh Produce & More

We deliver groceries on a mission to most major cities in the United States. To see if Will my groceries arrive safely? We take food safety and the quality of your groceries very seriously.

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We pack your When and how often will my groceries arrive? Can I skip?

Imperfect Produce

We pick a delivery day for you based on your zip code. This allows us to deliver effici How do I pick out what comes in my order?

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Is there a way to shop and pick out items before I sign up? Since our mission is to "follow the waste," our supply varies from week to week, theref

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