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Description Zeppelin airship LZ "Graf Zeppelin" at the mooring mast, original photo-postcard , real used, tiny corner crease upper right.

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Description Zeppelin airship "Graf Zeppelin" LZ , Leporello with 10 original photo-postcards, volume "I", circa , unused, wrapper with buckling. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Zeppelin, Zeppelin Postcards, LZ Lot Description Original Foto Fixed-Price Description Christening of the Zeppelin airship "Graf Zeppelin" LZ , original photo-postcard , unused, small corner crease upper right Fixed-Price Alpen", stamp: "Luftschiffbau Zeppelin" on back, 6,38 x 4,61 inch Fixed-Price Description Zeppelin airship LZ "Graf Zeppelin" at the mooring mast, original photo-postcard , real used, tiny corner crease upper right Fixed-Price Box 3 FF 25 Design Change Orders, ZRS-5 - Contains reports, correspondence, schematic diagrams, blueprints, and tables of engineering and contractual data concerning the design and construction of the airships Akron and Macon by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation.

Harter of Ohio concerning the benefits of airships; a letter addressed to HGD and George Lewis concerning the transoceanic traveling experiences of a U. Bureau of Air Commerce official and his support of airships; a report entitled Ignorance vs the Airship ; and a German magazine article concerning travel across the South Atlantic. This report also includes various data tables and schematic drawings of an airship. A second report entitled II. Frachtluftschiff and dated January 30, is also included.

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Box 3 FF 31 Gas- und Auftriebslehre sowie statische Verhaltnisse bei Luftschiffen s - A German manuscript containing mathematical equations concerning gases used in airships. Includes technical diagrams, photographs, and scientific equations recounting the construction of these airships. A table of contents handwritten by HGD precedes the articles. The entire edition of this German engineering magazine is dedicated to "Das Luftschiff Hindenburg" and contains photographs, schematic drawings, and a description of its design and construction. A German electrical engineering magazine that contains articles concerning the electrics of the Hindenburg.

Box 3 FF 36 Wo blieben unsere Zeppeline? Also included is a pamphlet entitled "Airship Voyages Made Easy," a reprint of a s German advertisement extolling the benefits of the modern Zeppelin Airship as a means of transportation. Box 3 FF 37 - Contains a collection of German aviation and mechanical engineering journals, magazine articles, and pamphlets.

Box 3 FF 38 Werkzeitschrift der Zeppelin Betriebe - Contains several articles from issues of this German journal concerning the airship industry. Box 3 FF 39 Miscellaneous - Contains an assortment of fold-out charts, articles, pamphlets, handwritten notes and equations, performance comparison tables, and other data concerning airships. Box 3 FF 40 s Contains a Dornier aircraft booklet that includes ten loose sheets describing various airplane models manufactured by this company in both English and German text.

Airship Akron ;" No.

Airship Akron. Dick would be performing research for the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp. Standard atmosphere data tables are also included. It also includes various data tables, graphs, and diagrams describing the performance parameters of this ship. This report also includes several charts and graphs pertinent to the investigation surrounding the crash of the USS Macon on February 12, This report is divided into two sections: the first entitled "General Presentation" makes a proposal in response to a bid for a naval training airship; the second part entitled "Statement of Facts of the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation: Organization, Personnel, and Facilities" contains detailed information about the employees of this company, its organizational structure, and its facilities.

This report includes a description of the American Zeppelin Transport, Inc. Box 4 FF 8 - Contains several articles from aviation journals concerning the development of passenger aircraft and other aviation topics.

Box 4 FF 9 Miscellaneous Articles - Contains several reports and articles concerning airships and passenger-carrying aircraft. Sikorsky; and the January 27, Congressional Record containing e report entitled "Design and Construction of Airships. Box 4 FF 13 Trans-Atlantic Trans-Pacific Flying - Contains a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine articles concerning aircraft transoceanic passenger service. Navy who spent most of his career flying all types of lighter than air craft.

Box 4 FF 16 - Contains miscellaneous items including an envelope of stickers from hotels that HGD stayed in during his airship travels; a magazine article advertising the world premier of the movie This Man's Navy , about U. Hugo Eckener, former chairman of the Zeppelin Company. Also included are photographs of the Zeppelin hangar in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

John Mellberg was constructing a flyable model of this airship and included many copies of photographs and diagrams of the Graf Zeppelin II in his attempt to gain some technical information from HGD. Navy airship project. Box 4 FF 24 Miscellaneous Correspondence - Contains correspondence between HGD and several individuals and organizations concerning airship related topics.

Many of these individuals had a strong interest in lighter-than-air flight and they asked HGD many technical questions concerning s era German and American airships. Their letters often included newspaper articles, photographs, and photocopies of other documents concerning the history of airships. Included is a letter of congratulations by Governor Bill Graves; an induction program which included a short biography of HGD; a hand-drawn profile sketch of HGD by an unknown artist; and seven 8x10 photographs of HGD used as his induction picture.

Included are photographs and newspaper clippings documenting the construction of this prop. Also included are copies of other patents that closely resembled HGD's idea. This article focuses on HGD's personal experiences with the German airships. Box 4 FF 34 - Contains a collection of magazine articles concerning the history of airships and the possibility of future airship development. Box 4 FF 35 Airships - Contains a collection of newspaper articles concerning the history of airships, especially German Zeppelins such as the Hindenburg , the development and future applications of airships and blimps, and the career and experiences of HGD.

Robinson, M. Most of their correspondence dealt with the editing, publication, and promotion of this book. Robinson was a psychiatrist and was also considered by many to be the foremost authority on the history of airships. He had authored several other books on the subject prior to his collaboration with HGD. Also included are Smithsonian Institution Press flyers and their book catalogs promoting this new book. Dick with Douglas H. This copy contains all of the original chapters with corrections and several foldout charts.

The word "Rigid" was eventually replaced by "Passenger" in the book's title and chapters 16, 17, and 18 were eventually omitted by the Smithsonian Institution Press before publication. This revision contains fifteen chapters compared to the original version's nine chapters. This revision contains all nineteen chapters of the final manuscript with the exception of chapters 16, 17, and 18 which were eventually omitted by the publisher. Dick - Contains photocopies of the unpublished chapters 16, 17, and 18 from The Golden Age of the Great Rigid Airships: Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg that were removed from the manuscript by the publisher before printing.

Eckener," and focused on HGD's life in Germany while he was assigned there on airship research. Several versions of this manuscript exist and each contain numerous charts, schematic diagrams, and data tables. This particular version also includes several original typed pages inserted within the manuscript. This version contains no table of contents and has all of its schematic drawings at the end of the manuscript. This manuscript describes the technical aspects of the Hindenburg in great detail and contains numerous schematic drawings. Several of the included chapters were written by G.

Their correspondence concerned the technical aspects of German airship development. These letters are indexed by their subject matter in a table labeled "Book 1" and were used by HGD as sources for his book research. These letters are indexed by their subject matter in a table labeled "Book 2" and were used by HGD as sources for his book research.

These letters are indexed by their subject matter in a table labeled "Book 3" and were used by HGD as sources for his book research. Navy while HGD was acting as a company representative in Germany concerning airship research and development. These letters were used by HGD as sources for his book research.

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This manuscript includes numerous charts, graphs, and data tables. Numerous data tables, correspondence, and fold-out navigational charts are included. This manuscript has both photocopied and original typed segments and is annotated as being vol. HGD served as an observer on many of these flights and his personal notes form the basis of this manuscript. A note by HGD included in this file references the letter reports that he wrote to Dr.


Arnstein during November May and found in file 18, box 6. This manuscript includes numerous diagrams, charts, and data tables. This manuscript also includes HGD's views on various topics including German society under the Nazis and the movie Hindenburg. Box 7 FF 8 Miscellaneous and Duplicate Sheets - Contains photocopies of correspondence, diagrams, data tables, and narratives concerning German airship research and development. This extract focuses on the decision to deny the Germans the use of American helium, thereby indirectly contributing to the loss of the Hindenburg , a point alluded to by HGD in his presentations and writings.

25 RARE Historical Photos of Airships Blimps and Graf Zeppelin

This tape documents his involvement in airship research and development, his flights to North and South America on the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg, and his experiences with the Nazis. Also included is a contract and other legal correspondence. Box 7 FF 15 Script Breakdown - Contains several copies of preliminary scripts and screenplays for the film Hindenburg: An American Story that were used for editing purposes. Also included are promotional flyers advertising the release of this video in the fall of Also included is a summary of this presentation and several short biographies of HGD; several original manuscript versions of this speech; a talk entitled "A Yankee's Five Years in Hitler's Pre-war Nazi Germany;" and an untitled speech concerning the various theories behind the Hindenburg disaster.

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Box 8 FF 4 Airship Talks - Contains correspondence, flyers, brochures, and newspaper clippings concerning HGD's airship talks to various organizations around the country. Dick videotape recording, , 49 minutes. Dick videotape recording, May 26, , St.

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Stephen's Episcopal Church. Dick audiotape recording, January 14, , 35 minutes. Stephens sermon. Box 10 FF 2 Photo album: Return From and To Germany Part II - Contains photographs with captions of the following locations and events: HGD's sightseeing in various European cities; the first flight of the Hindenburg to Rio De Janeiro including photographs of the interior of the airship and aerial shots of overflown geographic points; sightseeing in Brazil; a flight of the Hindenburg over the North Atlantic.

Box 11 FF 1 Photo album circa - Contains photographs with captions of HGD and his friends during sightseeing trips to various cities in Germany and France; photographs taken during a cruise; photographs of the Graf Zeppelin in its hangar in Friedrichshafen, Germany; photographs of the interior of the Graf Zeppelin ; photographs of the Graf Zeppelin in flight and on the ground during one of its flights to South America including a stop in Pernambuco, Brazil Box 11 FF 2 Photo album circa - Contains photographs with captions of HGD and his friends during skiing trips to the Swiss Alps and sightseeing tours of Italy; pictures of the Graf Zeppelin during a trip to South America Brazil-Germany ; pictures of the Graf Zeppelin landing in Friedrichshafen, Germany; and pictures of a May Day parade in Germany, , containing marching Nazi soldiers and the stern section of the Hindenburg LZ on a float while the airship was under construction.

Box 11 FF 3 Photo album circa - Contains photographs of various European and South American cities and geographic landmarks taken from the Graf Zeppelin during one of its trips to Brazil; includes a picture of the Graf Zeppelin taking-off from Pernambuco, Brazil. Eckener; Capt.

Karl Arnstein, the chief engineer; the twelve original German engineers who arrived in Akron in October to form the basis of this new company; and HGD's staff training group in Army blimps in flight. Hugo Eckener, the director of this company. These photographs coincide with the period when HGD was assigned to this German company as a representative of the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp.

Also included are photographs of a funeral, possibly for company employees killed in the Hindenburg crash. Most of these pictures are either from HGD's personal collection or from the Zeppelin Company's private collection.