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Wonderful fun. I will definitely continue this series. View 1 comment. The audiobook was very nicely read by Angela Dawe. I will definitely check out the next in the series. Mar 31, Moondance rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-bingo , cozy , family-secrets , dogs , first-in-series , valentine-bingo , scotland.

Sometimes my best friend, Ami, can go way overboard. Eden Elliott is recently divorced and just lost her mother to MS.


Her best friend , Ami, buys her a round trip ticket to Scotland with an extended stay of six months. Ami wants Eden to experience life beyond wife and caregiver and to work on the romance novel she knows Eden can write.. Vicki is on her way to attend her estranged father's funeral and settl Sometimes my best friend, Ami, can go way overboard. Vicki is on her way to attend her estranged father's funeral and settle in the farm he left to her. What a wonderful start to the series.

Eden starts out towards small town Glenkillen in a manual rental car which breaks down halfway there. I cannot imagine trying to figure out driving a stick in a car that has the steering wheel on the right AND drive on the left. Thank goodness for Good Samaritans!

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It seems that most of the townspeople are up in arms over the division of the MacBride property. The children from later marriages certainly are. When the local shearer is found murdered, Vicki becomes the number one suspect. Glenkillen was such a lovely town. The descriptions of the town and the surrounding countryside brought vivid images to my mind.

Out Of Kilter

Scotland is on my bucket list. This book makes me want to move it up a bit. Strange accidents cause you to be suspicious of certain characters. It was a bit of twists and turns to get to the actual culprit. I loved the dogs in the book.

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Kelly is a wonderful working dog. Vicki's Highland Terriers are just a bit of floof. I always enjoy books that have animals. It says a lot to me as an animal lover.

Off Kilter (VIP Mix)

Great mystery, wonderful characters and men in kilts. What more can you ask for. I look forward to continuing the series. Eden Elliot has had a crappy year. Her husband divorced her and her mom died. Off Kilter is an exciting cozy mystery set in the picturesque town of Glenkillen. Although the murder mystery is serious and Eden faces true danger, the story is light, as a good cozy mystery should be. Even though the murder is the focal point of the plot, the story provides slower moments which are the times we learn more about Eden and her surroundings.

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She takes time to appreciate the local scenery and befriend the residents, most specifically the hunky stranger who rescues her on the way into town. She and Leif spend a bit of time together, and I hope to see more of the pair in the next title.

I was very impressed with Ms. I like the use of the Scot slang, too. In the end, I very much enjoyed listening to Off Kilter. The mystery was engrossing, leaving me wondering the whys up until the end. The story had a nice pace, only slowing down once and a while for listeners to learn more about Eden. Apr 21, Di rated it really liked it Shelves: bought , march-mystery-madness , cozies , book1coziesclub.

Read for Book1CoziesClub What an enjoyable read! Took me a bit to get around the accent but I really enjoyed the landscape. Looking forward to the next one. May 09, Mary Fleming rated it did not like it. Awful, could not finish this Plot and characters so predictable.

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Pity she hadn't asked a Scot to edit, so many mistakes it was embarrassing. If you want to know about the country read someone who has lived there or at least visited. Nov 25, Lucy Burdette rated it really liked it. For a quick trip to the Scottish Highlands, this is an enchanting, cozy ride. And inexpensive too! May 31, Eden rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-cozy , country-scotland. I had to purchase this book when I saw the main character has the same first name as my own.

Eden Elliott has had a hard few years between a demanding husband and a mother in need of caregiving skills.

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  • With the divorce of one and the death of the other, Eden's friend signs her up for 6 months in Scotland, half a world away, with a challenge to finish for Eden to finish her first novel and find to find romance. On her journey to Inverness, she is seated next to a woman going to Glenk bk On her journey to Inverness, she is seated next to a woman going to Glenkillen the same town as Eden is heading towards and learns that Vicki is the heiress to her father's estate - with his Scottish children left out.

    As the two outsiders in the town, they are suspected of the murder of an old sheepherder, a mysterious fire at the inn, and numerous of other small events. A neighbor seems always to be at hand when Eden needs help, there is a volunteer police officer who needs Eden's help, and a Police Inspector who believes in looking for the truth, not the easy way out. Can the Police Inspector, with Eden's help, solve the mysteries? And what is worn under Leith's kilt? Jun 25, Joy Gerbode rated it it was amazing.

    I really enjoyed this cozy! The story is filled with delightful characters, interesting situations, a touch of romance, and lots of family drama. The animals that dot the story are wonderful The outcome was somewhat of a surprise, though I had listed the guilty party in my list of suspicious. Still, I was surprised by parts of the ending and that always makes for a fun mystery. But best of all, the setting is Scotland So altogether, a delightful cozy, and I look forward to reading more in this series.

    Feb 24, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-scotland. Aspiring romance writer Eden Elliott receives a gift from her successful BFF--a ticket to Scotland, where she's to do research on her novel, and get over her mother's death and her own divorce, both of which happened in the past year.

    Eden meets friendly Vicki on the plane to Inverness, and soon becomes involved in Vicki's family problems, which quickly balloon into an accusation of murder and a fight over the will which leaves Vicki most of the family property. Convinced well, most of the time Aspiring romance writer Eden Elliott receives a gift from her successful BFF--a ticket to Scotland, where she's to do research on her novel, and get over her mother's death and her own divorce, both of which happened in the past year.

    Convinced well, most of the time that Vicki is innocent, Eden drops her writing to clear her friend. Mar 17, Paula rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. There were parts that were laugh out loud funny. The characters were interesting and I could especially identified with the American character trying Scottish food for the first time although I never experienced vegetarian haggis.

    I might have liked that. Alas, I did figure out who but not the why of the murder mystery before it was revealed. But I looked this book well enough to read more by this author. Apr 08, Maureen rated it really liked it. This book was such a fun read! Full of mystery and humor with the beautiful Scottish highlands as the backdrop I loved it!

    I was so busy that I wasn't able to read it for six days, and as soon as I picked it back up, I finished it off within hours. Fast paced and fun, I highly recommend this one. Aug 19, Stacie Haden rated it really liked it Shelves: z-scotland , mystery-crime , owned-kindle , mystery-cozy , first-in-series , ireland-or-uk-mystery , europe , touch-of-romance.

    Good beginning to a cozy mystery series set in beautiful Scotland.

    Jul 18, Linzi rated it really liked it. Fun surprisingly accurate - location-wise cozy set in the Scottish Highlands. And the audio was a delight too. I'm only sad that the series isn't longer. Fun cozy mystery A fun start to the series. Good characters with a cozy mystery to entertain you for a few hours. I look forward to the next.