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It also caused my reaction. The problem is that I did not accept it as authority. I tend to feel that similar feelings also motivated the Medieval reaction as well.

This question of authority is often why, if one looks closely, one can see that much of Germanic society is trying to find authority in one form or another throughout the centuries. Examples include:. It almost looks like much of Germanic society, from Germany to Britain to the U. In this way, Germanic society is somewhat uprooted. This seems to be a common problem as, it seems to me, that the overall effect of the Christian conversion is an uprooting of cultures. This is rather ironic as it seems to be going in the opposite direction than what it claims.

Instead of elevating the individual-for-the-tribe , as a warrior, he is elevated as the individual-as-an-ideal , of a glorification of things like an individuals understanding, faith, belief, achievements, and such. Interestingly, this emphasis on the individual has many qualities that originated with the Christian conversion, such as:.

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In this way, one could say that t he individual-as-an-ideal originates from a combination of the warrior individual-for-the-tribe mentality and qualities created by the Christian conversion which tends to put emphasis on the individual described above. If one looks at other places where Christianity tried to convert people there are very few other cultures that interpreted things quite in that light.

Because of this, the individual-as-an-ideal is a unique Germanic reaction to the Christian conversion. There is something like a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum its hard to say which one is being spoken about. On the other end of the spectrum they are in conflict. It refers to the greater existing society. The result of all this is that the individual-as-an-ideal tends to create two main conditions:.

Of course, which path one takes depends on the person and conditions. Both qualities have had great impact on Germanic society. This does not necessarily reflect society as a whole. What this means is that the reactions I have described reflect a reaction toward the Christian conversion. I have been putting great emphasis on relaxing recently. I feel that it is very important and healthy and can lead to deeper things.

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Because of this, I tend to have certain viewpoints about it. Most people think relaxing is just relaxing but I look at it differently. This means that passion and tension must be understood I will discuss these below. What this shows is that there is an unhealthy quality that is created when tension disrupts passion so that it is not felt properly. In addition to that, if one continues deeper into relaxation then it turns into contemplation. This means it turns into something else. Passion is a word that came to me about 30 years ago.

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I cannot say what it is. I also cannot say why I believe it is so important. Without passion things seemed dead, meaningless, worthless, etc. In this way, one could say that passion is the energy, heart, or soul of life. As a result, I tended to view passion as the foundation of life.

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In this way, we could say that in relaxation we are seeking to rediscover the foundation of life. This means, of course, that a person must have a sense of what passion is in order to seek it.

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I cannot say how this is done as, frankly, it just appeared to me. How a person in which it has not appeared begins to know it I cannot say. My personal feelings is that most people do not know it, at least consciously. In relaxation we are trying to really retrieve all these conditions, in one way or another. I tend to see the first as the oldest and original sense of passion. As it progresses down the passion degrades and differentiates. I believe that this is true.

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The fact is that passion is a hard thing to sense. The former seems to be the oldest sense. Time is actually a form of spatial relations as time is an awareness of thing from moment-to-moment. We can see that these all describe strong spatial relations. I have always felt that space is one of the first awareness that we have. This is one of the reasons why I think space figures so prominently in awareness.

It seems that passion and spatial relations are the first awareness that we have. When we try to define it in space we actually degrade it. But life is made up of space. Because of this, there is a tug-of-war between the all-pervasive quality of space and localized conditions of the real world. It seems to me, that to truly be relaxed one must go back to the earliest senses, the generalized spatial and undefined life-sense forms. This means that it originates from the beginnings of awareness. Relaxation, as I said above, is a regression.

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This means that I am speaking of a regressed awareness as the origin of passion. What this means is that passion is really the awareness of existence in its earliest forms and that relaxation is the regaining of the sense of passion in a more pure sense. Life, by its nature, creates a tension in us. Therefore, tension is actually a part of life and is a natural response.

It only becomes that way if it becomes too strong or gets out of control. I think that the responsibility of dealing with life is one of the hardest tensions to deal with. In other words, the sense of responsibility in life hits deep. It keeps demanding us to confront life and keeps pulling us into tension.

Weaning oneself off of responsibility is something that takes a lot of time. The tensions caused by conflict and pressure of usually somewhat superficial as they are transient events. It is a tension that always exists and seems to be the base of all tensions. After that is the tension caused by awareness. As a result, when one goes deeper in relaxation one gets to these levels. It exists. When one reaches this point one is going into contemplation see below. It appears that tension prepares one with the conditions of life by doing these things:. These tend to grow and grow as life progresses.

Some causes of these include:. I would go on to say that a lot of what we become is created, or influenced, by tension in some way or another. It seems that, o nce tension has molded us into a form its hard to get rid of that form. This is particularly true if it has existed for a long time or if we have grown a life that depends on that particular molding of tension.

This can be very strong and become very difficult to overcome. Generally, we are grasping for something specific.