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Science - Body parts of dogs, How dogs communicate, Dogs diet, Reproduction of dogs. History - How dogs became domesticated, Dogs in space. Geography - Wild dogs of Africa, Eskimo dogs. RE - The five pillars of Islam.

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PE - Dance and rhythm, Athletics. Drama - Acting out stories, Guide dogs. Music - Singing, Drums, Xylophones. Click here for more information. Summer Term 2 I just want to say a big congratulations to all the children for taking the SAT's tests in their stride.

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In small groups we made our own marble runs. Take a look at how ingenious we all are! During R. E we were looking at the Hindu religion.

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Rachana spoke to the class about her mum wearing a sari on special occasions. The next day Rachana's mum kindly came in and demonstrated how to put on a sari. World Book Week - Saturn class really enjoyed dressing up.

They all looked amazing! This video will help you to practice your six times table. This video will help you to practice your four times table. This video will help you to practice your three times table. Fossils - In Saturn class we made our own fossils for our non fiction work.

Of course we had our checks to do too, particularly Bill Anders was checking all the instrumentation that he could access and not only with the instruments, but also the guidance.

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The first orbit and a half was basically a check out before we launched to the moon. We didn't have much really in the way of preparation for translunar injection. That was done by the third stage of the Saturn 5 and that was controlled by the instrument unit in the third stage. It was really like a third launch. After we've gone around once and a half we're informed by Mike Collins who was the capsule communicator that we would go for TLI. That meant that they would they would ignite the third stage of the Saturn V, the SIVB, and it would accelerate us from 17, miles an hour to 25, miles an hour and we would be on our way to the moon.

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In order to escape the Earth's gravity you had to reach an escape speed of around 25, miles an hour. We sat there and all of a sudden we started accelerating on up to 25, miles an hour and then you could tell that you were going pretty rapidly away from the Earth because you could actually see the earth start to get smaller.

But the Earth's gravity is continuing to pull you. So you're slowing up much like throwing a rock. Once it leaves your hand it slows up until you reach the apogee and come back.

This Is Our First 'Sound' From the Creepy Void Inside Saturn's Rings

We're coasting. The the third stage of the Saturn 5 put us in such a perfect trajectory that I believe we could have gone all the way to the Moon without any kind of trajectory correction. Please fill out the form below, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. It was a great feeling, though, that we're finally on our way to the moon.

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