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The Hellbomb Theft by Joseph Rosenberger. When a bomb exploded outside the hotel in Tralee where the son of Neville Chamber- lain was staying, the Taoiseach expressed his regrets over the occur- rence to the Prime Minister, but as long as there were no major dis- turbances in Ireland he did not intend to worry about explosions set off in Great Britain. Old freedom-fighters, pointing out the importance of timing, advised making formidable attacks during the international crisis.

Stephen Hayes, whom Sean Russell had appointed to serve as Chief of Staff while he was in the United States, had reserva- tions about soliciting help from an outside power, especially when it involved inviting a foreign country like Germany to invade Ireland. Once the Germans were in Ireland, he felt, it would take a hundred years to get them out. Further, he perceived that Hitler was clearly in league with the enemies of the republican movement. After his release that fall, the IRA appeared to grow more violent, especially after the English sentenced Peter Barnes and James Richards to death on December 14 for masterminding an August 25 explosion in Coventry that killed 5 people and injured At the bell rang at the outside gate and when the guard opened it, a man in civilian clothes with a bicycle said he had a package for the officer in charge, who had gone to confession.

When the guard stepped forward to take the package, IRA men over- powered him and IRA trucks poured through the gates. The raiders rounded up the guards, all but two of whom were in the guardroom, and made off with almost a million rounds of ammunition.

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  • Sometimes, however, detectives who were actually IRA activists tipped off Hayes. Hired when De Valera first came to power, these men had joined the police to chase the fascistic Blueshirts and were not always prepared to run down their IRA comrades. While these raids were in progress, detectives would watch a yard where a truckload of munitions was parked.

    One agent, Sergeant Gill, was especially successful in dealing with the IRA and in infiltrating it at the lower levels. In , Gill began legal action against the Police Commis- sioner to regain his rank. Just as the case was due to go to court, the government reinstated him. After the magazine fort raid, Gill told his superiors that if they would give him men that he handpicked he could apprehend the IRA raiders. The police had to take Gill on his own terms.