The Weird and Wonderful World of Frank T. Hitchcock

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Argento up and down stairs, through delicate variations of light and shadow, and the effect is so lovely, you almost forget to be frightened. Or rather, you remember why you allow yourself, against your better judgment, to be frightened again and again by this problematic, profoundly contradictory artist. And the pleasures his silky technique provides can be just as acute. Argento, 67, has devoted most of his career to the Italian suspense genre known as giallo, which designates a kind of hyperbolic serial-killer mystery, generally with urban settings and disturbingly creative murders.

The word giallo means yellow, and refers to the covers of a popular series of paperback thrillers published by Mondadori. And maybe more to the point, the genre lets Mr. Argento do what he does best, which is stylizing reality, turning the everyday strange.

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The apartments his characters live in tend to be modern looking, angular, with long corridors that muffle the sounds of intruders and that take some courage to negotiate in the dark. So supernatural entities, however buxom, are sort of coals to Newcastle for his brand of horror.

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There are films where height is used, but unlike water especially water it offers only way out and that is down. Water, lakes, oceans at least gives the character a glimmer of escape of floating away, or swimming away. HItchcock does not make it easy to escape. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like.

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Incroyable Virginie. Wow I never thought about that before Ginnie. I really enjoyed your insights on water in Hitchcock films.

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Especially, the scene in Sabatoge which I would never have occurred to me. Great analysis, Virginie. Never thought about this before. I had heard about an analysis on stairs in his films. His films are so rich they can be analysed in many ways. I also never thought about this before. So, I must say this is a very well thought and brilliant writing. I really enjoy reading it.

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Thanks Miedy! Found this post really interesting!

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It really is. Like a mini Hitchcock class!!! Fascinating read!!!

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