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Sep 14, PM. Lobna books view quotes. Sep 06, AM. Carin books view quotes. Aug 13, PM. Soleil books view quotes. Aug 13, AM. Raha books view quotes. Stephannie books view quotes. Jul 14, PM. I been hard-pressed and hard-up on a hard-road with hard-luck, been hard-hearted one time or two. I ate from the tree of knowledge knowing full well it was against the rules. I beat the devil at his own board-game in the wide open wilderness.

“Words, words, words.”

I tell you to let go of me but you just keep on hanging on—. I made wings of wax and feathers and I flapped em towards the sun. I held the world upon my shoulders just so Atlas could use the loo. The D. You can call it your labor to ease your conscience.

Made most of them his slaves and put the rest of em to death. For you admit that the promise was just words, words, words? That the promise has only been deferred —ferred —ferred. Fore you admit that a promise is just words, words, words. That the promise was always bein urged, urged, urged. Fore you admit that the promise was just words, words, words? The Supreme Court said that public schools must integrate their kids.


That the promise aimed to keep us all secured, -cured, -cured. That the lockdown was a bad dream that emerged, merged, merged.

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That a government, in all things, should be just, just, just. You better grow your hair long, Samson—you gonna need your strength.